We're Front Page, and we rocked in the 80s and 90s. If your bar or prom had a live band, there's a decent chance we played it. Now we're back, playing the best of our previous repertoire and a bunch of cool new ones. U2, INXS, EMF--and even some bands that aren't abbreviations. You can tell we're having fun, and if you get on the dance floor during one of our Medleys Out of Nowhere, don't plan on sitting down for a while. Check out our video, take a listen and get in touch. Stay current with our Facebook page.

band on stage
lead singer
guitar solo
bassist laughing
drummer laughing
trio of musicians
singer yelling at guitarist
keyboard player jamming
bassist singing
guitar solo on riser
whole band playing
crowd listening to band
crowd listening to band
crowd listening to band
wide shot outdoor gig
outdoor gig
outdoor gig
lead singer egging on guitarist
band on stage
crowd loving it
huge crowd
big light show